Fridge Butler Customer Testimonials

Fridge Butler takes great pride in satisfied customers. Here are just a few of the many letters and compliments we frequently receive. If you have received a Fridge Butler, we would love to hear from you!

"I have a subzero refrigerator which is suppose to be great, but I have always been frustrated with it until I got the Fridge Butler . Not only can I find what I am looking for, but I'm not embarrassed anymore for anyone to open my fridge!"

Burdette, Arkansas

"I wanted to thank you for the Fridge Butler’s. I think they are a wonderful product. What a blessing. No more hands and knees pulling out the front products to reach the back ones. Now all I have to do is turn the Butler. And what organization!! I can think of many places where the Fridge Butler can be used. I am going to purchase some for my bathroom cabinets as well. Thank you for a wonderful, useful product that has many uses. I wish you the best!!"

Fredonia, New York

"Thank you very much for my two refrigerator butlers! I must admit I was a bit skeptical about how useful they would be. It really did straighten out a problem I had in the refrigerator about getting things out from behind the milk jug…like the big jar of mayo that I used to keep behind it. Now they’re both on the Butler and immediately I could tell that it is very nice!!!

(There are two other things on it too) The other one is organizing things near the kitchen sink like dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion and a cup of bleach water that I keep the dish rag in. Lexie has a science project on it too.

They are very nice-their strength and size are just right. Thanks for inventing them & giving such a nice gift!"

Paul & Lois
Jamestown, New York